Why You Should Visit And Stay In The Best Hotel in Mecheda

best hotel in mecheda


West Bengal is a state where many indentations and places are unexplored. There are many such sites which you may have never learned of, or you may have heard of, but you did not pay enough consideration. One such place is Mecheda. It is a town in Kola ghat, which was earlier known as Panshkura II block. This place signifies the arrival of a famous traveler place in West Bengal – Digha. It is known for the beaches.

However, while en route to Digha, you have to pass through Mecheda. Whether you are going on a road trip or by train or by any other vehicle- mecheda is a common halt. There are not a lot of things mentioned on the Internet about mecheda but if you are going on a weekend trip to Digha. Make sure to take a halt for at least one night in the best hotel in Mecheda. There is not much to do, but there is some things and places to visit. 

Some Reasons why you should visit the best hotel in Mecheda:

    • Mecheda is a tiny town with very less population. That is why it is the perfect place to visit when you want to stay away from the city chaos. The people there are lovely, and you can expect charming hospitality from them.

    • Mecheda has a great dedication to education, and they have several semi-government colleges. They also have the college of engineering and management, and students from across the country come to take admission to this college.

    • If you select the best hotel, then you can stay in a serene place where greenery and sceneries surround it. It is far away from the noisiness of city life, and you will feel eternal peace.

    • If you love food, then you have a great reason to visit there as Mecheda is very famous for their vegetable chop. If for nothing, then visit this place for their vegetable chop at least.

    • They also have the famous Isckon temple in Mecheda. Though it is small, it is a great tourist attraction. People come from all over to pay respect.

    • One essential and significant place is the Kolaghat Thermal Power Station. It is one of the major thermal power stations of West Bengal. This powerplant employs a large number of people. It is a place worth visiting.

Though there’s not much to do but these little things can surely lift your complete journey. If you are obscure about a place to spend your time, then put an end to your uncertainty as The Abhinna Group has something for everyone. They have the best guest house in Mecheda with lots of greenery and stunning view. The visit there will be a serene, relaxing, and calming vacation.