Decent Accommodation to Travelers through Pathasathi Hotels

hotel in mecheda


Mecheda is a very crucial junction point. This bustling town in Panskura, Midnapore is the gateway of connectivity to various other
important locations in West Bengal like Tamluk, Haldia, Egra, Digha, Contai, etc. One of the main reasons why this town is important is the fact that one of the major thermal power stations of eastern India – the Kolaghat Thermal Power Station is located here. There are a large number of travellers coming to this part of the state very
regularly. And if there are a number of people coming regularly, it is obvious
that they would look for a decent hotel in mecheda for a stop-over. Big and small there are
many hotels in Mecheda. Let us look at the type of lodging that is available here.

In the township of Mecheda if you are looking for decent place of
accommodation during travel then you can easily choose the Pathasathi hotels
run by the abhinna group who are known for their hospitality sector.

As the name suggests, ‘Pathasathi’ – friend of the road – is indeed a friendly
place of accommodation for the travellers. One of the basic focus of Pathasathi
hotels is to provide comfortable facilities at very nominal cost. At Pathasathi the
travellers can expect extremely hygienic and traveller friendly rest and lodging
facilities with the following amenities:

* Rooms for lodging which are comfortable, decently furnished and with a stress
on cleanliness.
* Clean drinking water facilities for all
* Neat and clean washroom with adequate water for the travellers to use
* Access for homely, decent and affordable meals.

Abhinna Group has always focussed on the need of the travellers and believes in
the fact that no traveller should be devoid of basic amenities during travel for
want of money. So without having to expend too much, the travellers get to
enjoy the best of amenities and hospitality – thus raising the bar of hospitality.

Another focus of the Pathasathi facilities is to provide livelihood opportunities to
the local people. As a part of social responsibility these facilities provide scope of
employment to the local youth. The youth are employed at these sites so that
they can provide support and service to the travellers and earn their income as

Pathasathi hotels are a fantastic example of how hospitality and social
responsibility actions can go side by side – hand in hand.

So, during the next visit to mecheda, do avail the services of the Pathasathi
hotels. You get to expend very nominally on your stay facilities and be a part of
the social cause at the same time.