Did You Know About The Reforming Laws For Mining Company In Kolkata

 Mining Company in Kolkata, Sand Mining in west Bengal


Mining in West Bengal is difficult due to loose laws and also the presence of “sand mafias” results in a lot of black marketing in the mining sectors of sand. The presence of indecency is everywhere and also this is a very serious problem in states like West Bengal. The government has finally had come with a conclusion after long delays that come up with West Bengal Minor Mineral Concession Rules 2016. This has given stability to many Mining Company in Kolkata.

This has finally given a strong standing point to these companies. The industry too is slowly improving. This improvement is visible to a lot of circumstantial evidence. Sand production has increased. West Bengal is daring to compete with the giants of sand mining countries like Australia.

The New Rules For The Mining Activities

These rules have been formalized after the decision of the green tribunal bench and the Supreme Court. There are loopholes in the rules. This is why they are undergoing revision. Several aspects like pollution, implementation, and others have not been looked up properly. Therefore the reforms are taking place.

Sand As A Part Of An Important Mining Sector

Sand is an essential mining agent. It falls under the category of minor minerals. The government has fluidized the laws and rules of mining these minerals. These stringent laws had affected the mining industry a lot. In the category of minor minerals, falls, dolomite, sand, graphite, and limestone too. This company is categorically working in the mining of these minor minerals. This is why they have chosen west Bengal as the place of its inception.

Abhinna Group is the company that has set up Sand Mining in west Bengal. They have other important areas of working as well. It works for the betterment of Health conditions, infrastructural growth, etc. they also focus on hospitality and constructional know-how. They are also about to develop their expertise in various other fields too. They aim towards all the more a better, developed and a healthy society. This is why they are aiming towards this kind of activity.