What Are The Facilities At Pathasathi Guest House In Mecheda

 guest house in mecheda, : Hotel in Mecheda


Mecheda is a Prime location in West Bengal. It is located in PanskuraII CD Block in West Bengal. Mecheda is close to important places like Haldia, Egra, Tamluk, Digha, and Contai. Mecheda is a stop-over for travelers going to these places.

If we have to travel to Haldia, which is an industrial heartland, we have to undertake a journey through Mecheda. So, this place is always filled with tourists and travelers and people are looking for a good Guest House In Mecheda for their stay. Here’s a good stay arrangement in Mecheda.

Stay Arrangements At Guest House In Mecheda

There are great guest houses in Mecheda but not everyone can afford the cost of these. But travelers always need a place to rest and enjoy good facilities.

‘Pathasathi’ is one such venture which gives a place to rest to travelers by offering decent restroom facilities and required amenities.

‘Pathasathi’ is another expression for the word ‘Pather Sathi’ – which translates to “friend of the road”. And it indeed is a friend to those traveling to or through Mecheda for different needs and need a place to rest their tired bodies.

‘Pathasathi’ Is One Such Affordable Lodging Facility Which Offers:

  • Comfortable stay rooms with cots and pillows-blankets.
  • Access to safe and clean drinking water facilities
  • Access to washrooms where there is adequate water 24 x 7 along with other amenities
  • Arrangements for hygienically prepared homely and affordable food facilities

These Guest House In Mecheda have been designed on the principle of ‘low-cost hospitality’ where we get all the facilities of a decent hotel that do not burn a hole in your pocket. So if you are traveling to Mecheda for some work or as a stop-over or even for tourism purposes, you can always look for Pathasathi Guest House In Mecheda for a comfortable stay.

On one hand, the venture provides stay facilities for travelers. On the other hand, another key feature of the venture is to provide livelihood opportunities for the local people, especially the youth.  Since Guest House In Mecheda and stay facilities have a good scope of employment for local people, this venture helps in that direction. It provides livelihood support to locals through this effort.

So, the next time you are at Mecheda look no further for comfortable, yet low-cost rest facilities. By choosing ‘Pathasathi’ by Abhinna Group as your rest destination you would also help uplift a social cause.