How Can A Mining Company Sustain In Kolkata? Here Is The Answer

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Mining is a phenomenon of dredging out of sand from the surface of the coast or river banks. As the definition suggests one can well understand why mining in West Bengal is so popular. Mining is not only popular but flourishing in west Bengal. The sole reason is the vast river and the coast. West Bengal is one of those fantastic places that have the opportunity of both these two sources. This is why Mining Company In Kolkata is flourishing so much. Every walks of life requires sand. Starting from construction to gardening and cultivation, sand is everywhere.

Availability Of Sand In Rocky Terrain Vs. Plain Land –

In the hills, it is difficult to get sand. Why is it so? The reason is the unfolded truths of our geography books. The river initiates from the hills and mountains. And sand is formed after the break down of rocks by water forces. The river starts breaking these rocks and carry the sediments and sands to the plain land. The river when slows down its flow gathers the sand and deposits there. This is why plain land has more access to the sand. The weathered rocks get finely broken into silicon dioxide pieces and get accumulated in the river beds and banks. From there sand is dredged out.

Transportation Of Sand In Lowland Vs. Highlands –

In the low lands it is easy to transport. On the other hand, to bring up a load of sand against gravity is a real tough job. This requires more economic investment. Labours charge a lot of money in the highlands compared to the low land because of excessive labour given to the transportation. This is never a problem in the plane lands. The river is nearby and getting the sand and transporting it is not that difficult through the Golden Quadrilateral. These roads serve as the magic spell to business. 

Abhinna Group has dared to do Sand Mining In West Bengal. The Company have also taken up environmental safety measures. They try not to harm the environment and the biosphere by engaging in unchecked mining company in kolkata. They proceed with sustainable mining. Where they look for the living condition of both humans as well as animals. Such cautionary measures have helped them evolve as the best mining company. They are doing great.