How Mining Contributes To The Overall Development Of A Place

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It is a fact that mining in West Bengal is an integral part of the economy of the state. Mining is an important and integral part of any nation, any place. There is no developing country where no mining requires. For instance Mining In West Bengal is an important part of the economy of West Bengal. Mining contributes in a big way in enhancing the overall condition of a particular place. Here’s how mining can improve a place and it’s people

Contributions Of Mining

  • The first and most obvious contribution of mining is definitely the overall improvement in the economy of the place. Mining resources like coal, sand are all required throughout the country. The mining area provides these resources, It gains financial benefit which goes on to improve the economy of the area. An improved economy leads to the overall improvement in the condition of people.
  • If it is a good company that is involving the mining process. It does not only ensure good and safe mining processes but also contributes to the overall improvement of the area. Roads are improving and buses and auto stand come up in the area. Alongside there may be other facilities like schools and hospitals which may come up with support for the mining company.
  • A very important contribution of Mining Processes is the opportunity of livelihood to the local youth. Mining requires a lot of human resources and thus every time you have mining happening in the area. It would mean a lot of local youth getting the opportunity to work there and improve their livelihood. At times it is not just about the direct involvement. There are many opportunities in the ancillary units also.
  • In most cases, a good mining company also organizes many social welfare activities. As a part of their CSR activities and this helps the local people a lot. For instance, if there are any programs conducting by the company on issues of women’s empowerment. It leads to the overall awareness building of the local women on a very pertinent issue.
  • If done legally through a very good mining company, mining is done responsibly without causing immense damage to the environment. This is very important to maintain the ecological balance of the area. Moreover, it also curbs the propensity of mining being done in illegal ways by unscrupulous people.


These are various ways by which mining and good mining company can contribute to the overall development of an area. Abhinna is a mining company in Kolkata, which is doing responsible mining in West Bengal and contributing to the overall economic enhancement of the state.