How To Make Mining Economically And Ecologically Viable?

minor mineral in west bengal


The Minor Minerals In West Bengal contribute to the economy, however it’s important to make the process economically and ecologically viable. Here’s how to do so. Minor minerals contribute a lot to the economic position of a state and a country. For example sand is an important minor mineral. West Bengal is one such state which is famous for minor minerals. For example Minor Minerals In West Bengal, like sand contribute a lot to the economy of the state. There are so many ways how we can minimize wasting of resources and minimize damage to nature. Here are some ideas

Sand Mining In An Economically And Ecologically Way:

* One of the best ways you can preserve resources is to prevent wastage. In case of sand mining you have to pay utmost attention to the fact that you do not waste the mineral mined sand. If you can carefully plan the extraction process then you can minimize waste. You should also give attention that not much sand is wasted during loading and unloading.

* A good mining is taking place in the correct way is to ensure that the workers are trained adequately. If they know the process in the right way then the wastage will be minimal.

* Another challenge which you may face during mining is improper waste disposal. Mineral Mining process involves waste disposal, Less waste disposal properly means less damage to the surrounding environment. For this you need to plan well and ensure waste disposal properly dump, without causing damage to surroundings or water bodies. This will preserve the environment and make your work easier as well.

* Maintaining ecological balance is very crucial. So, along with mining, also concentrate on restoring the ecological balance of the surrounding area. Organize plantation drives, plant more trees. Encourage environment friendly awareness drives in the local area. See to it that you take initiatives to clean the local water bodies regularly without any wastage dumped in them.

* Use the demand-supply pattern for sand extraction hat is extract only as much as it is needed and not more than that. This way the resources will be available for a longer time and also it will minimize exploitation of of natural resources.

This is the pattern following by Abhinna Group is one of the leading business houses extracting minor minerals like sand from different parts of West Bengal. They do the sand extraction with utmost care ensuring that there is no damage to the environment and there is no wastage as well.