Important Facts about Sand and Sand Mining

Sand Mining in west Bengal


The main use of sand is for construction and with development activities happening everywhere, sand has become an essential ingredient
for development related construction. There is thus a necessity of sand mining. It also is a good revenue generator for any state. For instance there are many Sand Blocks in West Bengal where mining takes place and it gets in good revenue for West Bengal.

Here are some facts about sand and sand mining:

Sand, is commonly referred to as being made of silica. It is made up of quartz crystals broken into fine particles over ages. A grain of sand is normally an average of a millimeter in size. However sand varies in composition from place to place. Apart from silica, the other important constituent of sand is calcium carbonate. Sand is used in different industries like the glass industry. However the main usage of sand is in terms construction. Sands are obtained from different places like sand pits, river beds or sea-shore. Other than this there is also the desert sand. The best type of sand for construction is the sand obtained from the sand pits. The sand obtained from sand pits are mostly coarse and not smooth
shaped. This sort of sand is excellent for construction purposes because being coarse and of rough edged, it is easier to amalgamate with other materials used for the concrete mix and have a better holding capacity. This is the type of sand that is normally mined and is used as commercial mining supplies.

The sand grains of the river bed are smooth, smaller and more roundish in structure. This sand is also used as a part of the construction industry but mostly as key ingredients for plastering. The smooth texture of the sand makes it ideal for plastering purposes as it helps give a smooth finish. Sand from the sea shore is however not used for construction. It is because sea sand is salty and contains salt. That makes the sand difficult to be used because the salt content may destroy the concrete and result in water seepage. Though sand is normally in the hues of yellow, brown or orange, there are places where sands of different colors are also available. There are beaches with pink colored sand, red colored sand, green colored sand, etc. It is mainly because of the fact that sand is a mixture and the surrounding constituents help lend a particular colour to the sand.

Sand mining these days is done mostly in collaboration of the government and the private groups in order to curb the tendencies of illegal groups to indulge in mining. The Abhinna Group, for instance is one such group which is carrying on Sand Mining in west Bengal in collaboration
with the government. The sand mining that they are undertaking is the latest norm which is ‘responsible sand mining where the mining takes place only as much as is needed and without causing much damage to the ecology and environment.

These are a few facts about sand and sand mining.