Important Information On Sand And Sand Mining

Sand Mining in west Bengal


Sand Mining is a very important part of the mining business. West Bengal has many sand blocks and Sand Mining in West Bengal is an important revenue generator as well. Sand is an important part of the overall infrastructural development today, and its Mining is thus a necessity. Sand Mining in West Bengal is an important revenue generator as well.

Uses Of Sand From Sand Mining –

  • Sand used as a part of the concrete.
  • Sand uses as a part of the renourishment of beaches. 
  • it can replace coastline which is receding some uses of sand that require much more purity than others. The sand for concrete must normally be free of fragments like seashells.
  • often sand mining is also done for the extraction of different minerals like rutile, ilmenite, and zircon because these contain elements like zirconium and titanium. These minerals are mostly found in combined conditions with sand and are separated in water. This is mostly in the case of sea sand.

Which Type Of Sand Mining Is Suitable For Industrial Purpose?

The need for sand is mainly for construction purposes as a mix for concrete. For this, the sand extracted from pits is the best. Sand from river bed is used mainly as a mix for plastering since it has a smooth texture. However, sand from shores is not used for construction due to its salty texture.

What Is Sand Mining?

Sand mining is sand extraction done through an open pit, likewise its mined from beaches, inland dunes or dredged from beds of river and ocean. 

What Is Responsible For Sand Mining In West Bengal?

The process follows a demand-based supply model and need-based mining. Careful supervision and monitoring not only ensures safe practices but also curbs local, illegal mining activities. therefore helped put a curb on rampant Sand Mining practices.

This is some information about Sand and Sand Mining. Abhinna Group is the company that has set up Sand Mining in west Bengal. They have other important areas of working as well. It works for the betterment of Health conditions, infrastructural growth, etc. They aim towards a better, developed and healthy society. This is why they are aiming towards this kind of activity.