From The Chaos Of The City – A Place To Relax

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Out of the traffic and pollution of the city you can now spend a weekend at Mecheda. Not popular among tourist spots yet. But Mecheda has a lot to offer you. Apart from the natural beauty, you have Hotel in Mecheda that makes your weekend go relaxed.

Life in the city is full of hustle and bustle. You hardly get time to relax. The monotonous routine has worn you out every day. Weekend at distant places requires a lot of time in hand. It also requires a fairly good amount of monetary investment. Traveling cost and residential cost goes so high that it becomes difficult to make such tours possible every now and then.

Bengalis love traveling. The tourism season will always find a Bengali at every possible tourist spot. They go out to various other states to find relaxation. If you too travel like that and have almost exhausted all possible then here is another option. In the very state of Bengal, there are amazing places to tour. One might not have known but they exist. Hotel In Mecheda Mechead Mecheda is one of them that has the beauty of nature to offer you.

What to get there?

  • A place in the midst of nature has to offer you with silence and the smell of mud.
  • The occasional chirping of the birds retells stories of your childhood folklores. The window looking out into the villages, find little hurricanes and bulbs glaring at you. Speaking of satisfaction and not poverty.
  • You find live and real-life folk artists in Mecheda.
  • Mechedar Vegetable that proves you to be an actual foodie. And if it is coupled with Mori then the evening makes your trip itself.
  • You make your evening under the clear sky with constellations peeping through the trees. If Vegetable chop and moori accompanies you that will surely be an ecstasy.

If you are a tourist and not a traveller you would have got a difficult time earlier. Now it’s not a problem at all. Guesthouses in Mecheda by Abhinna group has taken your worries away. Beautiful Guesthouses at a distance from the local village have come up to give you pleasure and comfort. This is surely something that you were craving for. That is how beautiful nature can be. Apart from the hospitality project, it also carries on sand mining. And it is the best sand mining company in West Bengal.