Find How Minor Minerals In West Bengal Is Mined And By Whom?

minor minerals in West Bengal


Minerals are available in the earth’s crust. They are the major source of non-renewable resources that cannot have a conversion or takes a long time to be so. There are major minerals like iron, manganese, coppers etc. these are got by the big factories to make a lot of things. They are in huge demand. On the other side, there are minor minerals like agate, graphite, calcite and others that are got in less quantity. They are not got in huge and mass production but, small. For example, graphite used for making pencil leads and others. All the mineral ores have a limitation to plateaus like Deccan, Chota Nagpur etc. But recently Minor minerals in West Bengal like graphite is being mined.

Something More About Minor Minerals –

Minor minerals in West Bengal are clay, ordinary sand, graphite, boulders, etc., These minerals are basically used in building purposes. They are directly cut and used, unlike the major minerals that need to be processed. These minerals include all minor minerals except and natural gas. The classification of these minerals under major and minor is not based on its quantity available. It is based on the final use of the minerals, and also largely on their values. India contributes fifty-five kinds of minor minerals to the mineral industry. There on doubt about the fact that India is rich in resources.

Westbengal among all the states of India has also started contributing. It is producing sand, graphite and other minor minerals. Bengal not only is a cultivation land but also a mineral reserve. This has been possible because a company has initiated to do mining activities in Bengal. Among the minor minerals, it mines sand on a rally large scale in West Bengal. There a lot of advantages of ming in Bengal.

The Advantages Of Mining In West Bengal –

  • Every one uses minerals
  • Minerals lead to upcoming of factories and industries
  • Mining allows the growth of the financial condition of West Bengal
  • It aggravates employment
  • This focusses on a high technologically sound future.

But the user needs to be judicious enough. The excessive use of minerals might lead to the exhaustion of it. The future generation might not get. Abhinna Group has made Bengal financially stable enough by carrying out mining activities in West Bengal. It is the most trusted and hardworking company. It focusses on correct methods of mining of minor minerals. One of its major ventures is Sand Mining in west Bengal.