A Walk Towards Progress Through Mining In Arunachal Pradesh

Mining in Arunachal pradesh


Mining has been a key instrumental factor in improving the overall economy of India. India has always been a mineral-rich country – blessed with natural resources. Many states of India has witnessed progress in terms of overall economy and infrastructural development due to the mining activities in the state. It is true that there has been an uproar against Mining In Arunachal Pradesh in recent years It is due to the fact that illegal mining mafias had undertaken rampant mining without having any consideration for the surrounding environment. Recently, more responsible groups have come forward to take up mining in a more environmentally friendly way.

Here are the reasons why mining is important for the state:

Mining is a crucial economic contributor to the state. The government has encouraged all in exploring the different mining possibilities in the state as it has rich reserves of mineral and non-mineral resources. Dolomite and Graphite mining is already practiced in the state with much success. It has helped the economy of the state grow.

Mining and its ancillary activities require a large number of human resources. From engaging in direct mining work to ancillary work, there is potential for the engagement of a sizeable local population, which is very important for the livelihood of the local people. A large number of youth get a chance to find work directly in the mining companies. Also, there are a large number of people who involve themselves in ancillary business like local shops, transportation systems, etc.

  • Mining companies take part in improving the overall infrastructure of the local area –, especially in underdeveloped places. So, mining gives a scope to develop the area’s infrastructure wise – through roads, street lights, educational places, etc. Overall we can say that mining has been a key factor for the improvement of a state like Arunachal Pradesh. Groups like Abhinna Group – A Mining Company in Kolkata which practices mining with the least damage to the environment.