Plan A Stay At Pathasathi Housing While You Are In Lockdown

Pathasathi mecheda


If you are in lockdown you can plan a trip post the COVID19 menace. You can plan to stay at Pathasathi Housing at a very affordable cost. Here’s how you can plan.

Times are not what they used to be. Life a month ago was different from what it is now. In these days of COVID-19, going out of the house itself is a strict No. You cannot go out but you can always dream of better days. Now that you are locked in with your family members, sit together, plan a holiday together when things get better and you can actually travel. Think of places to visit and things you would do. Like you can think of Pathasathi Housing which can offer affordable amenities. Here are tips on how you can go about planning for your trip.

Planning For Trip Post The COVID-19 Scare:

* This is a perfect family time so sit with your kids, spouse and the elderly to plan a trip in the post COVID-19 situation. This will alleviate their fears of an uncertain future and give them hope. Alongside explain to them that the situation may not come too soon but they can always be hopeful. 

* Now think of a budget. The place you choose to go will depend much on your budget capacity. Once you have thought of the budget you can browse the net about the different places you can possibly go within the given budget. Ask the opinion of the children as well as of the seniors. It is highly possible that their preferences won’t match and so be ready for a hearty banter. Settle for a truce that you can go to both the places one after the other – whenever the next opportunity comes up, for details you can use Facebook.

* Now think of a place to stay and the amenities you wish to have. Make a checklist. Always insist on the following:

– Good and cozy place which has all the stay arrangements like good cot, linens. 

– The rooms should be well ventilated and properly furnished with lights and fans or air-conditioner (depending on your budget)

– There should be good and clean washroom facilities with adequate water arrangements. 

– There should be good access to food and drinking water

– The security arrangements should be good

* You can then chalk out the tourist spots you would love to visit in the area. Explain to the children the importance of each of the tourist spots so that they can also give their feedback.

This lockdown offers you a good scope to be with your family and do some fun planning by Abhinna Group. Like you can think of traveling to Mecheda where you can stay at Pathasathi Mecheda which will give you all the amenities that you are seeking.  

But till then, stay safe and stay indoors.