Reasons For Success Of Graphite Mining In Arunachal Pradesh

graphite mining in arunachal pradesh


The mineral is a very vital requirement today.  A country like India is very much dependent on mineral resources. For example, ‘Graphite’ is a very vital mineral resource today. Arunachal Pradesh is very important for Graphite mining. Abhinna, the renowned Mining Company in Kolkata engages in graphite mining in the area. Here is some information on graphite mining in Arunachal Pradesh:

Graphite mining in Arunachal Pradesh

* The word ‘Graphite’ means ‘to write’ in the Greek language. It is a naturally occurring form of carbon which is the strongest substance which is about 200 times more strong than steel. This makes it very useful industrially. Graphite is also a good conductor of heat and electricity which makes it very useful all over the world.

* India is one of the leading mining countries of Graphite. Among the different states involved in Graphite mining, Arunachal Pradesh has the maximum reserve of Graphite with about 43% of the Graphite reserves in this state.

* Graphite mining has helped the state in good revenue generation. Since Graphite has a big industrial requirement so there is always a heavy demand for it and since the demand is always high it is a good source of income for the state.

* Graphite mining has also helped in providing job opportunities to the local youth. Since by nature the people of the region are very hard working it has helped both the people as well as the Mining Industry. While mining has flourished, the youth too have been able to earn a good living.

* One of the major aspects of Graphite mining is that the mining is done responsibly keeping the environmental aspect in mind. So, the mining is done only as per demand and not merely by greed. Moreover, they take definitive steps to ensure minimum damage to the environment.

These are the major aspects of graphite mining in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a great source of revenue to the state but the good thing is that, under the guidance of Abhinna Group, they do the mining in a minimally invasive way.