What Are Methods Of Mining To Create Sand Blocks in West Bengal

Sand Blocks in West Bengal

For the construction of the building, the large scale of sand is extracted from the rivers. To create sand blocks in west bengal

, the extracted sand is deposited in a place. There are serious threats to the river basins in the forms of ecological, physical and social aspects. As the construction industry is heavily dependent on the sand, hence the extraction is critical. In various sources, construction of sand occurs. These are river terraces, floodplains, active channels. From wet and dry conditions, various techniques of methods are being adopted for the extraction of sand.

# In-Stream Mining

Since the location is along the route for the transportation or close to the end markets, in-stream sand mining is often done. For the aquatic ecosystem and properties, this process although important but can be damaging. It may force the channel to change the course and stop the flow of sediments if you carry on with the excessive in-stream dredging. Hence, within sustainable limits, there are recommendations for sand mining. A few recommendations are as follows:

  • On the annual replenishment levels, you need to permit a mining scale.

  • In bar skimming, extraction should be limited.

  • It is not allowed to set an elevation below the mining.

  • There should be a long term monitoring mechanism

  • Minimizing the activities between the month of September and May

  • Setting up a long term monitoring mechanism

# Off Channel Mining

In the changing alluvial system, flood plain extraction or off channel mining is common. The river channel will move towards the pit, the meandering rivers flow across the floodplains under this system. When the river flows through the area between the pit and its path, it is called ‘ river capture. There are some recommendations, which is recommended for limiting the damage caused by off- channel mining.

  • From the main channel, there should be a practice of off-channel extraction.

  • Just above the thalweg of the channel, the maximum depth of the pit should be formed.

  • To bring back the agriculture or to support the wetland habitat, pits should be redeemed.

  • Setting up a long term monitoring process.

# Equipment For Extraction of Sand

With the advent of technology, the extraction of sand and has become more mechanized and easy one. For the river sand extraction, there are common types of equipment being used.

  • For dredging river beds, sand dredgers are used

  • For crushing large pieces of sand, cone crushers are used.

  • For de-slimming, other recovery process and closed circuit grinding, hydrocyclone used in the river beds.

# Conclusion:

The sand blocks have been formed, after the extraction of sand. To get more information, you need to come to the site of “Abhinna Group”.