Sand Mining Areas To Focus On For Mining Activities


Sand mining is basically a process of taking out sand from the surface of the coastal areas or the river banks.  Among the various other states, Bengal is one of the best places for mining activities. This is because of the large coastal areas that are there in the state. So we can understand that the scope of the mining activities is huge in this particular state. Among the different categories of mining activities, sand mining is an important mining segment.

This is because the products that are obtained by this variety of mining are required in the different sectors. So the Sand Mining in West Bengal is one of the most important jobs on which many, in fact almost all the construction companies are dependent.

We have to first understand the process of creation of Sand mining in West Bengal. Sand is mainly created when the river carries along big boulders or rocks with them. These big rocks hit each other and break into tiny bits of pieces. When the size of the pieces is very small we call them sand. This sand is mined by different sand mining companies who perform the mining activities and transport the sand to the various construction companies.

Mining activities in highland and the lowland areas:-

·         In the lowland areas, the cost of mining activities is generally less. This is because the transportation of the mined sand is not so hard in such areas. The force of gravity does a lot of work in helping to transport the mined sand.

·         But in the highland areas, the scenario is totally different.  This is because the transportation of sand in such areas is very difficult. It has to be pulled against gravity. So a lot of transportation and labor cost is required in such mining activities in the highland areas.

·         In the areas that are between the highland and the lowland areas the cost of transportation is medium. The labor cost is also medium in those areas.

The sand mining activity by Abhinna Group is one such activity without which many different construction activities will shut down.  So the supply of sand from the various sand blocks in West Bengal is highly important.