Find More Information About Sand Mining In West Bengal


Mining activities are with grandeur. People tend to think that there has to dig off the ground. There might be dynamite bursting as well. But in the case of sand, it’s all so opposite. It is cool and cheap and less impactful mining. This is why Sand Mining in West Bengal has become so popular.

Why Is It Practised In West Bengal?

Sand mining is practised in West Bengal so extensively because of its perfect placing. West Bengal has two major areas of sand mining. It has the facility of the river and the sea. Sand is dredged out of these areas. Having them so close to the city helps the sand mining possible. Transportation of the dredged sand is not that difficult. In rugged terrain, there is a wastage of sand while transportation. This is not happened here because of the maintained roads. The plain land helps in the smooth movement of the vehicle and helps in transportation as well.

India is not far from the largest producer in the world – 

Australia and the Sierra Nevada is the largest producer of sand. Now west Bengal is also ready to compete with them. Sand Mining in west Bengal is helpful in many ways. It produces labour. Apart from all other areas, India contributes both the granules- the small as well as large. They contribute to various purposes, like infrastructures and other forms. It is contributing all the necessary needs of the generation. 

Why is it the safest form of mining, unlike the others –

Since this activity does not envelop much casualty labour is not that difficult. This is comparatively a safe form of mining. Here the ceiling does not fall on the labourer. The labourer does not die out of poisonous gases. Neither do they die out of lack of oxygen? This type of mining is a surface phenomenon. Thus it is one of the safest forms of mining activity taking place in West Bengal. Although it is a laborious job, it still has advantages of its own. 

The curiosity finally rests. It is Abhinna Group that has taken the initiative to carry on Sand Mining In West Bengal. It is performing the best way. It is keeping in mind the pollution and other factors in mind. Therefore it is the best sand mining industry in West Bengal.