The Growing Importance Of Sand Mining In West Bengal

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Sand’s contribution to development is unquestionable. From housing to bridges to roadways – we would find a touch of sand everywhere. For this very reason Sand Mining In West Bengal has assumed such importance. In West Bengal we would find sand blocks in Birbhum, Uttar Dinajpur, Bankura, Purba & Paschim Burdwan, Medinipur, Purulia, Jalpaiguri and Malda District for his purpose..

Here we shall discuss about this gift of nature :

About Sand: Sand is actually a mixture of particles of decomposed shells, rocks,corals etc. Sand is formed as a result of fragmentation of the particles over the years. It is finer in size than gravel but is coarser compared to silt. Most common part of sand is silica. Another important part of sand is calcium carbonate. The percentage and composition however varies from area to area, as per the type of surroundings.

Sand in Construction: The uses of sand – from glass manufacturing to polishing tools, is varied. However, sand is a major part of construction. Popularity of sand as base material for purpose of concrete became popular during World War I when there was a growing need to construct roads. The popularity grew during 1920s. In late 1940s and early half of 1950s, when there was a boom in the housing industry, the demand for sand grew. And again, when the concept of apartments came, need for sand as concrete base material also grew.

For making concrete we need to mix sand with gravel, proportionate part of cement and water and make a slurry. This slurry when it settles down forms the concrete structure that provides base strength to buildings. The rough structure as well as the strength of sand provides adequate binding. It also provides strength to the concrete structure.

There are different Types of natural sand which are Pit Sand, River Sand, Sea Sand, Desert Sand, etc. Pit sand is the most popular among these. People use river sand for plastering purposes.

For construction and developmental work, use of sand is a must. And hence there is a need of sand mining.. Abhinna Group which has been handling mining of Minor minerals in West Bengal has been practicing responsible mining for many years now. And the presence of such groups is indeed reassuring for us.