A Detailed Guide About Sand Mining In West Bengal

Sand Mining in west Bengal, Mining Company in Kolkata


Development of a nation involves development of infrastructure as well. We have Housing projects, we build bridges and roadways, etc with the help of construction material like sand which is an integral part. West Bengal is a state where we get sand blocks and this is the reason why Sand Mining in West Bengal is crucial to the development of the state especially for economic reasons.

  • The best thing about sand is that we get sand in abundance from nature. Sand is a mixture of a number of different elements. Though the primary constituent is silica. The composition of sand varies with surroundings.
  • Places like pit, river bed, sea or desert are the main source of sand. The shape of the particles of a pit sand make it good for concrete material. This sand is got by digging of pits and extracting the sand from deep under.
  • The sand we get from river beds is river sand- Pit sand has round particles and it has a finer texture, It is used as a material for plastering due to the fine texture. He colour is normally greyish white.
  • Sea-sand is also natural sand obtained from sea shores. It is not used for construction. This is mainly for two reasons: the particles are rounded and so do not hold to each other, which is essential for a construction material; also the salt content is high which causes damage to the buildings in the long run. The particles are brown colored.
  • In construction sand is used as a part of concrete. Proportionate quantities of sand, cement and water are mixed as slurry. This slurry is then used in concrete. When this hardens, it forms a solid structure that can withstand any type of pressure and weathering.

CONCLUSION – Sand Mining in west Bengal :

There are companies like Abhinna group, which is a Mining Company in Kolkata that is involved in sand mining in collaboration with the government. It has sand blocks in Uttar Dinajpur, Birbhum, Purba&Paschim Burdwan, Bankura, Medinipur, Purulia, Malda and Jalpaiguri District.

Abhinna group follows a policy of ‘responsible sand mining’ . Sand mining is done with care so as to preserve natural balance. and extracting only as much sand only as required. Special attention is given to preserve the ecological balance.