Mining in Arunachal pradesh


Mining has been a key instrumental factor in improving the overall economy of India. India has always been a mineral-rich country – blessed with natural resources. Many states of India has witnessed progress in terms of overall economy and infrastructural development due to the mining activities in the state. It is true that there has been an uproar against Mining In Arunachal Pradesh in recent years It is due to the fact that illegal mining mafias had undertaken rampant mining without having any consideration for the surrounding environment. Recently, more responsible groups have come forward to take up mining in a more environmentally friendly way.

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mining in west Bengal


West Bengal is a state of beauty and of rich resources. Flora and Fauna thrive here along with rich mineral resources. There are also… Minor Minerals in West Bengal which are a source of income for the state. Bankura is one such district of West Bengal where we get to see an amalgamation of everything that may be found in West Bengal. Read more