minor minerals in West Bengal


Minerals are available in the earth’s crust. They are the major source of non-renewable resources that cannot have a conversion or takes a long time to be so. There are major minerals like iron, manganese, coppers etc. these are got by the big factories to make a lot of things. They are in huge demand. On the other side, there are minor minerals like agate, graphite, calcite and others that are got in less quantity. They are not got in huge and mass production but, small. For example, graphite used for making pencil leads and others. All the mineral ores have a limitation to plateaus like Deccan, Chota Nagpur etc. But recently Minor minerals in West Bengal like graphite is being mined.

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mining in west Bengal


West Bengal is a state of beauty and of rich resources. Flora and Fauna thrive here along with rich mineral resources. There are also… Minor Minerals in West Bengal which are a source of income for the state. Bankura is one such district of West Bengal where we get to see an amalgamation of everything that may be found in West Bengal. Read more