Ways To Address The Menace Of Vector Borne Disease In India

Permanent Partner In India


Vector borne diseases in India. Abhinna Group is a UNDP Permanent Partner In India to curb this disease. Know ways to prevent this disease. 

Vector borne diseases are a challenge in India. Most parts of rural India grapple with the threat of vector borne diseases every year. Paralelly there is an all out effort to curb the spread of this disease as well. The Abhinna Group is a Permanent Partner In India to spread the curb of these diseases. The group tries to address this problem by the distribution of Permanent which is an insecticide treated net. This is one of the ways we can control the disease. Here’s a discussion on the different types of steps that we can take to curb the spread of the disease.

Curbing Vector Borne Diseases

Building Awareness: 

Prevention is better than cure,this remedy holds true for every disease. And it’s for this it is important to build awareness at the grass-root level. What are vector borne diseases, what are the symptoms of some common vector borne diseases, how to control and curb them – these are important information. Awareness drives can include such information. However it’s important to specifically tell about how we can prevent through actions.

Proactive Community Actions: 

Mosquitoes are the primary agents of vector borne diseases. It is important to keep the surroundings clean and free of stored or accumulated water. This reason it is important to take actions, community level so that the surroundings are free of any accumulated water. Time to time inspection and action are necessary for this.

Distribution Of Permanent: 

One of the best ways to prevent the disease is more uses of mosquito nets. Especially permanents which are medicate Ways To Address The Menace Of Vector Borne Disease In India. These kind of nets are useing for treatment of insecticides. It’s the mosquitoes do not come in the vicinity These mosquito nets are approv by WHO and CIB and are a good way to keep off mosquitoes.  Distribution of these nets among the poor and vulnerable group can, to a large extent. Help these families and save them from such diseases.

Abhinna Group is the India partner of UNDP. which is entrust with the distribution of such nets in India and Bangladesh. These nets, developed by Vestergaard, Switzerland and highly effective in keeping the mosquitoes from coming nearby. As a partner the Abhinna Group has taken proactive actions to distribute these nets – thereby controlling the extent of spread of such vector borne diseases. This public health service has been a key factor to control vector borne diseases at many places.